Monday, June 30, 2014

DIY: Pendant Lamp


DIY: Pendant Lamp

Our office had a "Themed Wedding" activity last week and everybody participated. They decorated the entire 12th floor and the people getting married dressed themselves in garments with flamboyant colors. One of the spine was decorated with a tribal-like design using tissue paper rolls and  red paper as tiki torch light. I, however, saw a different use for those tissue paper rolls.

I got some tissue paper roll from the office (they had lots to spare). I glued them together and cut four rectangles opposite each other and three circles at the bottom. Then I lined the inside with parchment paper. I ran to a bump on the road when I got to the wiring part and I had to call my dad for help and thankfully I was able complete it in just one day.

Pendant Lamp
Find a project that you like and have a DIY weekend.

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