Saturday, February 15, 2014

Travel in Curves - Hong Kong

Last year for my birthday I went with Makoi and explored "my beautiful second country" of Thailand. It was an amazing experience. I met a few people (james and kishni), the country was very nice, the locations were very interesting, the food was awesome and I got to meet one of the stars and band member of August Band from Love of Siam. It was my first International trip and I had a blast.

This year, I will be going on another trip but I will be sharing it this time with my sister, Jewel.

On February 26, we are scheduled to fly from Cebu to Hong Kong via Cebu Pacific and we are pretty excited to travel. It'll be her first time Internationally so I want her to enjoy and be hooked to traveling so I can have a travel buddy. :)

Back when we were still kids we were soooo close we practically did everything together, the normal brother-sister stuff. But then High school and peer pressure kinda got in the way and I'm very glad that me, her and my brothers are hanging out again like before. She actually reminded me of the pact we made when we were kids. We promised that one day we will be traveling outside the Philippines and I am super excited that it is finally going to happen, rain or shine (classes or not.. LOL)

us in the yearly siblings photo

I had her do the itinerary so she can be involved and she did an amazing job. Kudos Sis!.. I'll post more updates on this and hopefully capture lots and lots of cool photos. Jewel even suggested that we both make a blog or vlog of everything we do moving forward. hahaha.. I don't think I'm ready to be seen on TV or YouTube yet..

Hong Kong.. I'll see you next WEEK!!!

xoxo -A