Sunday, September 22, 2013

How to Host a Themed Dinner

It has always been my dream to live like a van der Woodsen or a Waldorf ever since I watched the Gossip Girl Series. Though I am not that fortunate to inherit the looks, the body and the bank account, I did inherit something much more fulfilling, PERSEVERANCE. To "feel" a little bit like Blair and/or Serena I planned to host a dinner party at my place.

Below is a list of tips and guides based on what i did last weekend for my American-Themed dinner party


  1. Never bite off more than you can chew - Do not over and under estimate and always make sure you have a plan B (B for Blair.. teehee). Make sure you have resources and location already covered.
  2. The Guest List is like the Ten Commandments - Always make sure that you do not commit mistakes when listing the people attending your shindig. One thing I learned when it came to the guest list was to never invite people that makes you scared, insecure, nervous and/or uneasy, it ruins your night and you'll be focusing more on the mistakes rather than enjoying the night with friends and family.
  3. Decide on the Theme or Menu at least a week in advance - the theme is important because it sets the mood and the Menu fulfills the mood (teehee). When it comes to the menu, always have a plan B so your world doesn't end when the ingredients fall apart.
  4. Clean you Place - have a general cleaning the day before so you won't have to worry about it on the day of the party.
  5. Prepare everything at least an hour before - more than an hour everything gets too cold and just in time doesn't leave you enough time to take a shower and prepare yourself.
  6. One of the main reason why people don't like to host dinners or party is the clean up - what i did was clean in between. If I'm waiting for something to boil, i cleaned the pots and pans that I already used.
  7. One more thing... HAVE FUN... its supposed to be a gathering of friends and family... relax and enjoy.
I found that Carbon (a local market place in Cebu) is the best place to shop for meats and vegetables and pretty much everything else for a steal but if you prefer to get them from big stores like SM, Ayala, Metro Colon or anywhere else then that's fine too as long as you get everything you need.


The Burger - Mixed Meat Patty (Beef and Longganiza, salt, pepper and rosemary to taste), Caramelized Onions, Cherry Tomatoes, Button Mushrooms, Lettuce and some Cheese
Sweet Corn (tip to make the corn more sweeter - when boiling the corn add a tablespoon of sugar)

One of the best seller for the night - quartered potatoes boiled, then seared in olive oil, butter, a dash of thyme and flat leaf parsley
Second best seller that night is the Sun Cooler. Orange Juice with sliced real fruits (Watermelon, Orange, Apple and Calamansi) - Mooon Cafe inspired

It was a Fun night and I really felt like one of the characters in Gossip Girl. Check out the blogs below to see how they felt when they got invited to my Elite (ahem) soirĂ©e.

Off to my next Adventure... Japanese, French or Zombie.. teehee.. I don't know.. What do you think? Let me know.. :)


  1. Thanks for that fun-filled evening with those humongous burgers and yummy, buttery potatoes. I'm looking forward to your next themed party!

  2. I still cant get over the potatoes. Haha just by looking at them makes me all the more hungry. Hahaha lol. Lets go for French nextime? haha

    REAlity Bites 

  3. Pwede mangayo sa recipe sa Potatoes in olive oil? :)

    1. Sure,

      Medium or baby(cherry) potatoes, quartered
      1-2 tbsp of olive oil
      flat leaf parsley
      Butter / Buttermilk
      Salt and Pepper to taste

      I boiled the potatoes first, the used the same pan I used when i caramelized the shallots, added the butter or buttermilk in the pan, next was the potatoes. Next i added the flat lead parsley first then the thyme and salt and pepper to taste.. remove from pan then in a bowl drizzle the olive oil so it will soak the butter and oil. Then enjoy. :) teehee...

  4. Replies
    1. Made the burgers today, minus the longganisa. Making the Potatoes in olive oil and the moon cafe inspired cooler tomorrow. Do you think they use powdered juice? Because that's what I'm making LOL

    2. I used the Tang powdered orange juice and it tasted the same.. lol.. :)

  5. So people like me who did not get an invite are what?

    1. are part of a list that that's titled soon to be invited.. hehehehe..

    2. OMG.. hey M.. you are always part of the A-list.. IMY...