Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Osmeña Peak: 5 Things I Learned While Climbing

A few friends and I recently went on a Hiking/Trekking trip to reach the ever famous Osmeña Peak of Cebu. We traveled early in the morning in the hopes that we might catch the sun rise from the east. The experience of reaching the top was out of this world. I would have never though I could reach the highest point given my "not so lean" silhouette. You can check my friends' Blog for the details of that adventure at and

While its was an amazing experience, I would like to share a few tips for those who would like to climb Osmeña Peak for the first time. Some of them were given to me before we went up and some I realized after reaching the top. I hope it helps you because heaven knows I could've used them. 

5 Things I learned while climbing Osmeña Peak.

  1. It helps if you EXERCISE
            The mindset that you can climb a mountain easily without any challenges is ridiculous. It requires strength, will, working respiratory system and patience. While I was up there waiting for everyone to say that it is time to go down I was already dreading the idea of climbing down ( if there was a suggestion box my first suggestion would be to add a Zip Line system going down.. teehee). The reason I felt that way was because i was already feeling pain on my knees and the lower part of my body was already exhausted from climbing up.

            Here's what I realized, you don't have to be too "Physically Fit" to climb this mountain (although being healthy is a plus). All you need to do is to prepare yourself physically to avoid too much pain after the climb. You can try walking and doing cardio at least 4 days before the climb and always ALWAYS stretch at the base of the mountain. It'll loosen your muscles and joints and will make it easier for you to climb.
  2. Climb on your own PACE
           I'm so thankful that I traveled with friends who understood my physical abilities. They gave me the opportunity to climb on my own PACE (they actually told me to slow down - thanks you guys!!). Climbing is not a contest so don't fret if people passes by you because you are not the reason they are their. Slow and steady, I always say.

    the distance between me and my friends.. 
  3. Wear comfortable SHOES
           Yup that's right! Shoes matter! The ones I used had no support so I practically had to worry about slipping and embarrassing myself  in front of a lot of people I don't know. I'm glad I didn't but if I did, I bet it would've been fun. You don't have to buy those ridiculously expensive shoes, just use ones that are comfortable enough and gives you support and friction.
  4. Bring a bottle of WATER
           This one is a little bit obvious but you never know. Take as many water break as you need but remember not to drink all it in just a few steps from the base.
  5. Learn to ENJOY the MAJESTIC SCENE
           Start doing things for the experience and not just for the pictures. There is beauty everywhere, so capture it with your eyes first and snap a few picture right after. Put a smile on your face and you might even meet new friends along the way.
    that's me enjoying the majestic scene from the peak

From left: Jhanis, Me, Pearl and Rea and two people I don't know :)
And if you do visit Osmeña Peak any time soon remember to respect the surroundings and do not leave anything that was not there. We only have one EARTH so let's keep it clean!


  1. Sakto jud Alic, dapat mag exercise or stretching man lang. Murag c Pearl lang ang conditioned sa ato LOL

    1. Pearl was the only one who did not feel pain after the trip.. hahaha dapat jud mag stretching ta jud...

  2. Warm up ta sunod guys! Hahaha. Anyways, good for yah Alic! Consider it an achievement. Hehe. We need more!