Thursday, February 5, 2015

Create and Collaborate: Blog Launch Project

The original plan was to host another themed dinner with a few friends in the next couple of months like what I did last year. I hosted an American themed dinner and invited a few local bloggers in Cebu to come and dine with me with a few friends. You can check the details of it and the menu from Rea's blog at Blissful Snapshots.

This year's dinner is a little bit different. Rea has recently updated her domain from ReaAlducente,com to so instead of a normal themed dinner I am excited to say that we are doing a Collaboration to launch her revamped blog and celebrate it with a bang. 

Hundreds of ideas floated my mind and I am too excited to execute them all. The best part is we get to do it on a budget. No lavish concepts, no expensive venues and no out-of-this world expenses. The menu I planned will still push through and I will blog about the event after. Here's a taste quencher of what the Menu holds.

Fancy, is it not? Teehee.. If this post was on Instagram I would've hash tagged words such as DIY and Dinner. If this event pushes through It'll be the first big event I have hosted or co-hosted ever. Wish us luck and stay tuned for the result. 

Let me know if you have suggestions or any tips so I can incorporate them as early as this month and let me know if your hosting any dinners or brunch anytime soon so I can look out for it.. :) x.o.x.o