Monday, September 28, 2015

HK Day 3: The Happiest Place on Earth

The Magical Journey Begins...

Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, is usually what you hear when you start talking about Hong Kong. It's considered one of the main reasons why you'd ever wanna go to Hong Kong. It was on the top of our list when we decided to visit this beautiful country.

When we were growing up, my sister and I would watch the Disney channel religiously and would even visit their website and participated with all their activities. We would get pretty jealous when other Filipinos win or gets chosen by one of the shows from that channel. I can still remember the hosts back then like Ken, Azura and Karen. We dreamed of meeting them someday and hanging out with them but then we grew up and the little kid inside of us got covered by puberty, responsibility and school. 

Many years have passed since we came back to watching the Disney channel. It did not help too that the quality of the shows got way childish (or is it just me??) and the shows I used to love got axed from the program. Even though we rarely stay on that channel nowadays we still cling on to that part of our lives where our imaginations flourished. My sister still fancies Toy Story and I am still okay with the movies they create but enough about the sadness of the past. This is about the happiest place on earth so let's change the tone shall we? Teehee.,,

Last year (2014) my sister and I got THE BEST news ever. We were given the chance to travel abroad (granting we pay for the majority of the trip). So we picked the country that is not only cheap and close but has that one thing that we both really wanted since forever, DISNEYLAND!!!.

If you would like to know what we did in Hong Kong click on the links below. The links below will give you a rough idea of what we did. 



We had so much fun. We got to meet most of the characters from Disney, Toy Story, Tink, Pooh, Lion King and a whole lot more. We had this hilarious moment that we both will never forget. So we were strolling around the site and got to the part where the theme was western. We were so tired from all the walking but saw a barn and decided to check it out (what harm could it possibly do? oh a goat ate a fruit from my hands.. hahaha). We stood in line waiting for our turn but as we got closer to the end we started noticing something we have NEVER EXPECTED.. no sir... we were not going to pet a few dogs or cows... we stood in line for the Big Grizzly Mountain... and when we realized it, it was already too late and we ended up riding the coaster ride the stops and goes on reverse. I was lucky I didn't soiled my pants. It was crazy unexpected but very memorable.

That vacation was AWESOME. I hope we get to travel more soon... If you would like to know more about the planning part i.e. Itinerary, budget and tips, let me know in the comment section and leave your email so I can send them to you. I will also post about it soon..

Make DISNEYLAND a part of your to do list when you visit Hon Kong for the first time and travel for the experience and fun not just for the pictures or the stamps on the passports. :)

tatah for now....

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