Saturday, May 17, 2014

HK Day 2: OCEAN PARK AND Mong Kok Street Market

Day 2: My Feet still Hurts

After all the walking from day 1 we woke up with very sore feet and bodies. Here is what I figured out, when traveling to places where walking will be done 80% of the time remember to bring with you the magical concoction called EFFICASCENT OIL or any product of the like. It will do wonders to a throbbing foot making it easier to walk for the entire day. 

Today's Itinerary was OCEAN PARK and MONG KOK Street Market. A couple of years back our parent took us to the Manila Ocean Park and we had a blast but the OCEAN PARK in HK was way different. A lot cooler if you ask me. Everything was organized so that you can actually enjoy the park, plus we rode the very long cable car that took us to the other side of the island where the rides were crazy scary.

Here are the pictures of the entire day.. 

Our destination for today! OCEAN PARK

Someone handed me a news paper.. It was in Chinese at first but then she asked if i could read it.. lol

Selfies while riding the bus to Ocean Park.

Finally arrived after 45 minutes on the bus

Jewel and I trying out a game at the park.

Our first time riding the Cable Car from one side of the park to the other side where the rides are crazy scary

A cute panda who never did anything but eat while we were there
This was awesome to watch. I was excited because the kept jumping and jumping.. teehee

To end the Day...

We went for a walk on the streets of Mong Kok trying out the wide variety of delicious street food and doing a little bit of shopping for our friends and family back home.

Quick Tip: You might not want to wear short at night, outside, walking.. I made the mistake of wearing shorts that night and not only did everyone stare (not because of my sexy legs) but i was also shivering till we got back to the hotel.. The temperature there really drops at night. Next time I go there i'll be on my boots..

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