Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Love of Siam

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I saw clips of this movie years back but I never really watched it till last year. I fell in love. It talks about hope, love, family and friendship. Every time I watch this movie (still am, and is watching while I'm typing this) it gives me hope and it make me happy and sad at the same time.

June of 2013, a friend and I went on our very first travel outside of the country. Where? to the beautiful country of Thailand. One of the main reason why i wanted to join the trip was because of this movie, so I spent my free time researching the locations where they shot the movie.

 So let me show you my Love of Siam.

The Scala Theatre
We started with the Scala Theater. This is where Mew tried to ask Tong if there was something different about him. This is also the theater where we watched Man of Steel!!! and it was Awesome!!!

Swensen's Ice Cream Place
This is at Swensen's. Its an Ice Cream parlor. To be specific this is located in Siam Square right across GYPSO, the place were Donut asked Tong to buy her earings. I love this place!!! the desserts are really good and I remember visiting two branches of Swensen's while i was there. This one was taken at the same branch where they shot the movie. :) A for effort huh?!! teehee..

Siam Center || Discovery Center || Siam Paragon (its all connected)
 This is where Mew and the August Band had their concert. I am actually standing at the exact place where Ying was at while waiting for Tong. Awesome right? Hell yeah!!! Teehee...

Some of the members of August Band ( Tor, Wanpy, Nine, Pchy, Non and Arm)
Not complete but here are some of the members of August Band. You wanna know something really really really cool? scroll down!

WE MET ONE OF THEM!!!! My idol Chanon Rikulsurakan (@djchanon)

Me and my idol Ladies and Gentlemen
I cannot explain how I felt when I saw him pop his head out the door to check who was waiting for him. He was wearing a mask because he was sick at that time but we told them the we came from the P.I and here now to see him (sickness will not stop the photo shoot.. lol)  Let me show you what he posted on his Instagram account.

(taken from his own Instagram Account)  - Thx u my Philippines fans. U came so far and just made my day.
I feel like a Super Star. When we got to our hotel room I couldn't wait. I immediately accessed IG to see if he posted anything and he did!!! 

I hope I meet the entire cast next time

I had an amazing trip! I would not change one bit. 

Special THANKS to the following people:

Family - for the support
Makoy - for letting me tag along (teehee)
Ojie - for the enlightenment's before the trip
Colleagues and Manager - Leave of Absence support (giggidy giggidy)
Ier Suili Gonzaga - you found his work address (i will never forget - ever) :) 
Jardy Clark  - for all the tips and tricks even before i landed in bankok

Last but not least:

The teacher of Engineering at one of the major Universities in Thailand - Ben (เบ็น)
 for without him i would have never found the locations in Bangkok.. thank you Ben!! :) check his Blog at

On to my next adventure - "off with their heads"


  1. A for Ayfort! I just wonder why the hashtag of the IG post was #adidas. Haha lol! You really nailed it Alic! Teehee!

    REAlity Bites

  2. Wow! This is a great post Alic. Please post more photos from your Thailand trip.

  3. I am so envious of you right now I want to shout for joy!!! I don't why I'm smiling when I really should be very jealous. HAHAHA! And his IG post is epic!