Monday, October 7, 2013

Co-hosted a Boodle Fight

Boodle Fight

May the odds be ever in your favor...

I have no complaints when it comes to eating but I ate so much I was about to burst. After a long day of running around the city, buying and sending Medicine to my dad and a whole lot more, I was looking forward to a long relaxing night to rest. But it did not work out that way.

A week ago, during a badminton session I inserted the idea to my friends that we have a food trip. We initially planned on eating at CnT ( A lechon place here in Cebu) but we opted not to. Today during our weekly badminton sessions I had them explore the possibility of trying out a Boodle Place near Cebu Doc. For those who are not familiar with the term, Boodle Fight is when all the food is arranged in the middle of the table under mats of banana leaves and when you eat you do not need utensils, you use your hands. So going back, we decided to host our very own Boodle Fight and talked about the menu during badminton breaks and how much we were willing to spend. This is the result. 

We spent P 150.00 each to make this work. Our Menu consists of the following:
  • Rice
  • Chicken Pork Adobo
  • Bagoong (Bagoong lol.. its tiny tiny shrimps in salt and stuff)
  • Ginataang Bangus (Fish in Coconut Milk)
  • Itlog na Maalat (Salted Egg)
  • Fried Fish (Fried Fish)
  • Coke and Sprite for Drinks
  • Watermelon for dessert ( everybody lolled when I complained why this fruit is very watery)
We had so much Fun and ate so much... I really like this hosting gig. It makes me feel happy, excited and creative. Kudos to the chefs (Dona, Erron, Madam, Banjo, Mary Anne, Bryan, Arnel and Ahem Me.. lol)

FYI, I was craving this the whole week last week so I am already good.. hahahaha..

Have a Boodle Fight your friends and/or families and tell me how it went. :)


  1. This is so much fun, Alic. I want to try doing this soon but isn't it BOODLE FIGHT?

    The Exaggerated Zeal

  2. Looks fun! Best done on the beach. :)

    1. so true.. i'll plan that for next time... :)

  3. And you did this after badminton. Alic gihapon ka. Remember when we'd work out sa gym unya pagka-gabii mag KFC or Jollibee ta? Haha.

  4. hahaha.. i remember now.. hahaha.. old habits... what i do remember most is that we cook a lot and make stuff up a lot too.. remember the epic fail Piña Colada? lol..