Saturday, October 5, 2013

DIY: How to make your own KITE in 30 mins


Simple Childhood Kite (I am not an endorser of SM)

Remember when you were a kid and you had so much FUN with your friends? Yeah i remember mine too. Nothing else mattered BUT to have FUN. No bills to pay, no work to go to, no worries on food cause it magically appeared on the table every morning, noon and dinner (thanks mom) and no matter how much fun you make the only thing you had to remember was to go home before the sun goes down. I remembered 1 of my best childhood memories back home today. During Summer, my friends/neighbors and I would go out and just play. Back then Cellphones, Consoles and the Internet was not yet popular. This particular memory was when we made our own kites from things we found in the house and flew them up high. So today I decided to make a kite and I'll fly it tomorrow morning. (I was planning to do it next week but a few friends from Facebook made me realize that making my own kite is fun so i decided to make it today)

First: What you need

  • Barbecue Sticks or anything like it
  • Glue
  • Cutter (please be careful using this, ask an adult to help you if you are 14y/o or below)
  • Plastic Bag
  • Thread or Strings
  • Pen

How To:

First you have to tie 2 sticks together. If you have a longer stick you cut it to your preferred length. Use the cutter to make the ends look like the picture below, then use the string or thread to tie the two together. Make 2 of this.

Once you have 2 sticks together. Tie the 2 to make a cross.

Place the cross on the plastic bag and cut a diamond shape like the one below.
After cutting out the diamond  shape tie the points of the diamond to the ends of the sticks. Remember to put glue after tying so it wont get loose. Then poke 2 holes where the string should be, add tassels and your good. Try that baby out.. 

Imma fly my kite tomorrow since its 2:20am here in The Philippines...

Let me know how your day goes when you fly your kite. :)


  1. nakatawa lang ko "if you're 14y/o and below.." hehehehe. naa jud rule na ana? lol. anyway, im excited to make a kite for reiko! :)

    REAlity Bites

  2. It was fun making and flying it.. You guys should definitely try it, it's a fun weekend project.. :)

  3. Haha. For that, endorser na ka! Ni-text si Henry Sy. ;)

  4. hahaha. i wish.. a year supply of plastic bag.. hehehe....

  5. Asa nimu gipalupad imung kite, Alic? You can already gather the kids in your place and teach them to make kites.

  6. hahaha,, although i wish i had a kid of my own to teach.. lol..

  7. LOL nakakatawa ko ani na post Alic, you are such a kid at heart! I hope that SM compensated you for the free advert :D

    1. hahaha sadly they did not... it's fun.. :)