Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Italian Night - Table for Four

Last Sunday I got a call from Jovan asking if I was going to his place to visit him. He and Makoy went to the dentist that day to have their teeth pulled out (lol i think they went for a cleaning session or something) and decided to head over Jovan's place for lunch. If i remembered it correctly, we actually planned this Friday last week but I thought it was a no go. When I got there we eventually decided to plan what we wanted to eat for dinner and it was awesome.

Italian Dinner - Boun Appetito


When I got to Jovan's place Makoy and Devine were already there. Hahaha I dont have a picture of Makoy at the Dinner Table.

The Menu


Makoy's One Pot Pasta. We would like to thank The Londoner for the Inspiration.

We also have Jovan's Carbonara Sauce. 

Both pasta dishes were delicious.. I would have had more of it if I hadn't munched my way to obesity while cooking. LOL.

The Meat

Pork Chops with salt and pepper

The Garlic Bread

The Drinks

The NOW "famous" Sun Cooler

Sliced apples, oranges, pineapples, watermelon drowned orange juice.

Italian Night was a blast... Ate so much pasta and drank a pitcher of the Sun Cooler. Creativity Achieved. I wonder what theme I'll co-host next. I am really rooting for either French or Japanese. Give themed dinners a try, It'll spice your weekend up.. :)

Off to my next adventure...


  1. Looks like you had a fab Italian luncheon! I had to laugh at Makoy's photo LOL

    1. well, he did not take a photo of himself that night so I improvised. It actually looks a lot like him. lol. I've come to realize that themed dinners are FUN.. And btw, i still want to try that dish you made (the Arroz Caldo). I have been craving for it for 2 weeks now. hehehe

  2. amen to sun coolers, the staple drink for every themed dinner! hahaha and the italian pork chop too? in fairness, the pasta is good for 10 people ha. yummy!! too bad i wasn't there.

  3. Any way to virtually get a taste of the pasta? Or LBC me some perhaps?

    1. already booked a flight to TAC on June 3 next year. Let's cook some there.. :)