Friday, September 27, 2013

A KID at 25 - My very first HAPPY MEAL

A lot of people would agree that I am a HUGE Jollibee fan. I love their menu, their staff and the store locations are ridiculous (in a good way because they are everywhere like Angel's Burger or 360 Pharmacy).

A few days ago McDonald's opened a branch at our building and everybody got excited and so was I, not because I love the place but because I know a handful of people who enjoys eating at the place which meant that before it opened at our building we had to walk around 4 blocks to get to one, now we don't (teehee).

So, yesterday when we took our break from helping a friend out with his Demo, we decided to eat at McDonald's and I decided that I was in the mood for a burger. When I got to the place, I was overwhelmed with happy emotions that ordered a Happy Meal. Yep my VERY FIRST HAPPY MEAL at 25. I got crazy excited. Did you know that a happy includes a toy.. I mean score!! a toy and a meal at the same time. So this is what i got.
Thanks Iggs for taking this Photo. I LOVE HAPPY MEALS

The above photo is when i got the Happy Meal and I got caught up with the excitement of checking out what the toy was. I got a beautiful PONY, MY PONY..

My Little Pony, a prize i got with my happy meal
This is Apple, I named her that because she has a big ass tattoo on her back, I brush her pony tail all day and tell her how my day was ( Crazy right? 25 and childish)

Not so Kung Fu Panda
Along the lines of the Happy Meal Red Box was this little fellow. I named him Fho.. hahaha

Cool penguin
An this little guy, is Pinky...

Friends for Life... Awwww...
Shared my  Happy moment with friends at work
It was a Fun Day, I felt like a kid again and it felt awesome.

I have a strong belief that in order for you to live life to the fullest, you have to lower your expectations, make as many mistakes you can, never aim for perfection and never forget the KID in you. Not only will you maintain your compassion, it will also make life a little less stressful. GET A HAPPY MEAL NOW. :)


  1. Great post, Alic. It shows the kid in 25!

  2. You're so.. Now go get a Jolly Kiddie Meal! Haha.

    1. i would but they don't have a kox. lol.. I will hahaha.. Happy MEal!!