Friday, September 6, 2013

Walking on the streets of Bangkok

Khao San Road
Sawatdee Khap, the most common Thai phrase that i personally used when i was "back packing" in Thailand. I prepared myself for this trip for about a year, listening to MP3s on Learning Thai, googled tourist's spots and a lot more. So here are a few pictures of my trip there. 

This is Breakfast, the best stir fried rice I've tasted since i got there

I don't really know this guy's name but he is really friendly plus he made us breakfast twice... pretty cool

Munching on a few Squidballs while looking at the front view of the Siam Paragon.. Yumm

a collage of my "walks" around Bangkok - thanks Makoy for the effect

this is a shot from inside a TukTuk. it cost like a hundred Baht to travel using this mode of transportation (minimum)

Eating Ice Cream at Swensen's - me LOVE!!!!!

went inside Siam Center to find this HUGE MAGNUM ICE CREAM display filled with MACARONS

at the SCALA THEATER, waiting for Tong and Mew hahaha hopeful

Inside WAT PHO TEMPLE (The Reclining Buddha). Offering Satang Coins (i cant even remember what my wish was.. distracted? or was I wishing for something near?)

SATANG coins 

an Altar right below the tummy of the Reclining Buddha - totally look like a local right? teehee... 

Dinner for two.. I'm sorry I meant dinner for EW... lol.. crickets and bugs for the heck of it

Big ass Magnum Ice Cream... yum!!

Walking the streets of Khao San looking for a bargain

Enjoying the warm Sun 

Got the tickets to WAT PHO (the Reclining Buddha)


I look like an authentic Thai person right? cool...

Inside WAT PHO

This the most "FRIENDLY" palm reader I have EVER met in my entire life!!!! EVER!!!

I love how they created this.. couldn't imagine how long and stressful it would've been

I love this shot. it looks like I'm in the States or sum sum... hahaha but its in Thailand a few block from where we saw Kishni again

an Awesome shot by Makoy (lilies)

I miss Thailand

This trip happened last June 2013, a few days after my birthday. I am starting love traveling and will plan on traveling again next June of 2014.. will let you know of my next adventure down the rabbit hole


  1. sarcasm alert for the kindest palm reader EVER! hahaha you should have narrated the story of how kind she was lol. hahaha.

    hope to visit thailand soon!

  2. lol kaayo ang palm reader haha i saw how alic was so polite to her lol

    i like this post :)

  3. Nice pictures! no crickets for dinner for me, definitely not :P

    1. teehee.. it wasn't that bad but definitely a one time thing for me..

  4. Hahahaha you belong to Thailand, Alic! Brilliant post.