Saturday, September 7, 2013

ZEN - Work||Life Balance

If you feel that you're dragging yourself to work then 

you're doing it wrong.. Its not your work. Its you. -


1. When you go home, spend time with your family, they are the reason you're working. Don't sleep immediately.

2. Do random small projects that will make you proud of yourself. Although supporting your brother or sister financially is great, self fulfillment doesn't kick in till they graduate. Add small stuff like decorating you room or learning how to not burn fried eggs.t makes sense..

3. Visit places during days off that will not cost you much. Don't be a bum or a couch potato during Rest Days. Try going to Ayala, SM, Cmall, Emall, Park Mall, Mall Mall and all the words that ends with Mall.. They're free and it gives you the chance to meet someone you know randomly.

4. Don't be afraid to admit that life can sometimes be boring. It only stays boring if you want it to.

5. Have some alone time once in a while. You will only feel depressed when you have friends and don't know what to do on your free time. Why not focus on you and get a massage. *wink

6. Never forget to smile even if you have to fake it... It adds to your mood and it'll make your day a bit better.

7. And last but not the least. Never judge a co worker and question why they are in their position when they clearly don't know what they are doing. Why? Because your stressing yourself with something that you have no knowledge about. Cause if you did? You should have applied but didn't. Let them do their job and focus on not screwing up yours.

8. Smile. I said already but it makes sense..

Life's always better when you smile! :)