Sunday, September 8, 2013

How to make your Mother Happy


Birthday Bash 2013 - 58 and loving it...

Edible Birthday Cake ( it was hard eating the "body" part but off with her head... teehee)

So my mom celebrated her birthday yesterday and she had a big surprise. For the last couple of years, we celebrated hers and my dad's birthday here in Cebu at The Port Sea Food Buffet but this year was different. She had that cake above and Lechon and a whole lot of food. The bad part for me was, we (my brothers and i) were not there but she celebrated it with her brother and sisters, my lil sissy and my dad with a few cousins.

Her birthday tarp ( tarps are becoming pretty popular in Calbayog)
Foooood so many fooood.. (love makes the world go round... so does food)
Dad with the Roasted Pig (Lechon) Yummy!!!
Brother and Sister for Life
Mama Isa looking for a seat to eat the treat which was neat. (rhyming - not my forte)
I called them yesterday and they were having Fun. I'm glad they did. Wished i was there with them but me in spirit did the job.. hahaha plus, if i was there? I would've locked my self with the roasted pig and that awesome cake in a room for weeks calling it My Precious... hahahaa..

Off to my next adventure with the Mad Hatter!!


  1. Lol with the cake! You're right, its kind hard to eat it, seeing the photo and all that jazz. Hahaha

    Lechon I'm craving!!!
    REAlity Bites

  2. Belated Happy Birthday to your mom!

    I love the lechon! It's a good thing you were not there though...peace! LoL!