Friday, September 6, 2013

Through the looking glass

Everybody is looking for ways to be happy. Some chooses their career, building it from the bottom and not stopping till they get to the top. Some does everything the can to stay close and build a lasting relationship with their family. Some chooses material things over emotions. Some finds comfort putting other people down and some looks for love that they had before from others that cannot give the same. To be honest there are a lot of reasons, a lot of choices and a lot of things to consider when it comes to being contented and being happy. No one really gets contented with what they have. Even me.

I don't blame the choices people make to fulfill whatever it is they need to fulfill. As much as it hurts me, I can never decide for anyone but my self. I can't blame the person who chooses their career or the person who likes judging me and putting me down. Why? because that's what makes them happy. And I get judged because of that.

I envy anyone who can honestly say that they've loved or is in love. I admire them for they chose to be happy by looking for love and being loved. Every one loves differently and in today's society where gender, race, financial capacity or physical appearance are mere words, makes love abundant. Unfortunately because of how we think people are going to judge us, that love dies even before it beats.

Take me for example. Some who knows me would say that I live in a dream when it comes love and let me vaguely tell you why.

I am living a fantasy. I am waiting for someone right, someone not perfect but can make perfect memories with me. Someone who will knock me off
 my feet, make me feel gushy, make me feel safe, wanted, protected and loved. Someone who will come to my rescue and fall in love with me like what happens in movies and fairy tales. I want the whole shebang. And although I don't necessarily look the same as the characters in the movies nor have the same "qualities" i get judged for acting like i do.

Life is funny that way. If you're someone like me there are a few things that I wanna assure you and you may take this however you prefer.

First. You are never judged for no reason! You just have to know whose judgments count. I have a lot of friends who judges me all the time but I accept the ones that matters. You are never alone in this world so learn to keep the company that matters. :)

Second. You judge too like I do. If it makes you happy by all means continue. For me? I try very hard to keep it for myself (emphasis on "try hard"). I am not the type of person who likes confrontation and conflicts. i think.

Third. Let yourself be judged. It's life! you will always be judged.

Fourth. Never lose who you are and what you want. If you feel like a girl and want to wait for Mr. Right then wait! they're not going to live your life, you will. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't listen.

Last one. Make mistakes, make a lot of them. Be stupid. Be alive. Be wrong and be you. its less stressful when your not always right. Trying to be perfect is high maintenance. :)

 Be with friends who cares for you because you're you and not someone else. I am.

Love Love Love... then EAT! hahaha...

(listening to Nina's SOMEDAY on loop - this song touches me) :p

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  1. Someday! I agree, trying to be perfect all the time is sooo tiring. Let's just be crazy! Haha. Love transcends beyond words, physical appearance, money, etc! Live, laugh, love! ♥

    REAlity Bites